The Truth About Skin Care Cream

Make no mistake about it. Your skin tells your story: whether you like it or not. Even strangers make decisions about you based on assumptions formed from their first impression. Why not get the best possible “quick read” each time you meet and greet? The proper skin care cream will make your story a romance or a thriller and not a horror story.

The skin is by far our largest organ. As such, it has a huge and crucial job to perform and deserves all the assistance you can give it. Skin care moisturizer cream is an important, efficient tool in your battle to protect your skin from environmental damage that will show up now and in the future. Healthy, vibrant, elastic skin will pay off in many ways as studies show that attractive people command increased salary, respect and even better service.

Here is the truth about skin care cream: they all claim to moisturize and protect. Perhaps this may be true. However, you need one that does the job without harmful side effects. One with the best ingredients that actually work. Not filters and preservatives and synthetic waxes.

Additionally, look for a skin care moisturizer cream that has been proven in clinical trials to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Products containing Wakame, an extract of Japanese sea kelp, rank high in these trials. Many major brands spend more for advertising than they do for research. Don’t be taken in by flowery prose or exotic scents. These do nothing for your skin. Only proven ingredients that penetrate many layers will make a visible difference for you.

Here is the truth about what a cutting edge skin care cream can accomplish for you: make your skin look younger, smoother and more attractive. All these positive attributes will pay big dividends in our current very competitive world of work. And healthy skin won’t hurt your personal life either.

Once you start to use a moisturizer cream regularly you will see a marked improvement in the elasticity, firmness and radiance of your skin. Not just on your face, but everywhere time and the elements have had a chance to roughen and coarsen the original surface.

Daily, consistent use of a skin care cream made from ingredients that feed your skin and are good enough to eat is your best bet. And of course, no artificial chemicals to irritate your delicate skin. Never allow those to touch your skin. Manufacturers who use such ingredients are not in the business to make you look better.